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We are married couple from Czechia currently occupying London.

We are also a small creative studio that works closely with brands and agencies like Google, BBC, Chanel, Coco&Eve or Nike. We are here to realize ideas by crafting visual experience using our design background.

We are skilled in CGI, concept art, modeling, motion graphics and animation. 

Maxim is a creative technologist with a deep interest in software. With the background as a 2d/3d animator and designer, he uses a procedural approach to build engaging stories.

Johana studied art and started her career as an art director building ideas into campaigns. Swinging around illustration, motion, 3d and design she established herself as a multidisciplinary designer.

Together we collaborate at a broad spectrum of fields varying from experience, entertainment, advertisement and technology. We bring unique visuals in the form of thoughtful craft and storytelling.